Six instagram feeds to envy

Alicia Lund, the blogger behind Cheetah is the New Black has really created a beautiful feed.  Full of flowers, San Francisco cafés, and her amazing style. 
Hands down my favorite account on Instagram. Hues of purple and purple create a visual euphoria. 
If you like minimalism and pugs, this is the one for you. Such a creative and unique feed.
Again, creative and unique. Matt Crump's #candyminimal is amazing. What is #candyminimal you say? Find out here
Blogger Sara Donaldson, based in Sydney, curates a blue-toned feed worthy of the double tap. 
The captions are golden. 
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Those pants you'll want to live in

I swear I waited for about ten minutes for this bridge to clear....yet I still have a denim clad photo bomber. 

 Zara top (similar) // Zara pants // Longchamp tote // Sam Edelman sandals (on sale!) // Delphine Pariente * necklace // Nixon watch
Crop top and army green pants? Not really the first thing I grab for a go-to outfit...but my style is currently undergoing a bit of a transformation. I found this top and the pants at the Zara in Paris and decided to pair them together for dinner in Venice. First of all, [these] pants are amazing. The color is one for all seasons and the fit is amazing. Not too tight, not too loose. Also, I digress from the pant situation to talk about these shoes. I paid $100 for them and every penny was worth it. I expected them to be cute, yet uncomfortable due to the heel. A full day of walking in Venice changed my perspective, I've been wearing them non-stop for weeks now and no pain whatsoever. And if my micro-testimony wasn't enough, they're on sale. ;)

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MV bound!

Yep, that's right, I'm traveling again. This would place me in what....three countries in one week? Anyways, I leave for Boston today and I'll be back [home] on Martha's Vineyard on Sunday! I can't wait to share my favorite place in the world with you guys on this blog and on Instagram. I'm now going to spend the last bits of summer soaking up the sun at South Beach and eating Lobsters at Menemsha ;) Not to worry though, I will still be posting!

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Photo Diary: Paris

my view from a cruise along the Siene

 Hôtel de Ville 
 The Luxembourg Palace
 How cute is this dog at the Luxembourg Gardens?
 Oh Paris...you and your cute windows. 
Flower markets on flower markets on flower markets
 I have a soft spot for historic and gorgeous architecture
 Although I didn't go in, the d'Orsay is nice to look at
 *cue sigh because Paris is just so beautiful*
 blooms in the gardens 
 a tranquil moment in the Luxembourg Gardens 
So so so Parisian

I swear this artist was secretly posing for me.
It's been a while since I've posted here, right? 
After some much needed rest from my almost month long travels, I'm getting back into blogging. I have so many pictures to share with you guys and this is only the first part. I came to Paris as part of a photography program and I was shooting non-stop everyday. But before I get ahead of myself, let me start from the very beginning. My flight was out of JFK, so I flew up to the city a day early. I didn't have much time, but I did have brunch at Lafayette (so so good) and dinner at Balthazar in Soho to prep my palate for France. I also walked around Washington Square Park Area a bit and found some truly gorgeous town homes. After a 7 hour flight to Paris (I finally watched Divergent and I'm obsessed) I arrived at CDG with a little unexpected delay. Apparently, no one was allowed entry into the baggage claim because a bomb squad had to explode a suspicious bag...not something that happens everyday. Don't worry though, nothing happened. ;) I was impressed by Paris from the car ride to my hotel: the cafés, the flower markets, the apartments, and the people. I was fascinated from day 1. So here, I share with you some photos from my first couple days. I will have a couple recap posts from Paris and also one for Venice, so stay tuned!



all black & embellished

Zara skirt // Club Monaco tee // Sam Edelman shoes // SS x BB ring // Chanel polish lotus rogue

via my instagram

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I posted so I wanted to share this outfit I wore to dinner in Paris the other night. I found this embellished skirt at Zara ( on sale!) and paired it with the soft-as-ever Club Monaco tee's for a more casual look. I didn't have time to take many shots as the light wasn't good, but I think I've captured the essence of the outfit in these two photos. Dressy, yet comfortable. 
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