Industry Standard Jeans // Anthropologie shirt (similar) // Come de Garcons sweater  // Kate Spade boots  // Rebecca Minkoff bag 

This is definitely not #juno weather.

I am perfectly happy in mid 60-70º weather and I wouldn't complain if it was always like that. Since purchasing this soft-as-ever striped tee, I've been slapping on a pair of jeans & a navy blazer/cardigan as my go-to outfit. Today's look got a little pop of color, thanks to this Comme de Garcons sweater. Even though I rarely am seen wearing red, this pop of color is just enough for me. To all my friends in the northeast-- enjoy your snow day/binge watching day. P.S. Sorry for being a bit inconsistent on the blog lately. It's been a crazy couple of weeks: I just took the SAT Saturday and spent the rest of the day stressing prepping for cotillion. Bear with me because there are some awesome changes coming to S & P soon.

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5 beauty essentials

I know I'm not much of a beauty guru, but I'm sharing what little I know of the beauty realm on the blog today. My routine is relatively simple and I've been using the same product for years and shuffling in new ones. I've rounded up my 5 favorites: a hairspray, a face mist, eyeliner, a cleanser, and a moisturizer. Scroll down below to see the what/why/how on each product. 

How I use it: Before getting in the shower, I put a small amount all over my face (after I've washed it) and leave it semi- rubbed in. In the shower, I soak the towel (the "hot cloth cleanser" part of it) in the hot water and then proceed to take it off. 

Why I use it: This is especially effective for getting off residual makeup when a cloth or remover won't do and it will leave you feeling refreshed and your face clean. 

 How I use it: A spray a little bit before applying makeup and a little bit after I apply makeup. I also use it randomly, as "soothing rose mist" is well...quite soothing. 

Why I use it: It's great for blending and setting makeup. Since it's winter, this is a lifesaver. 

What it is: Stila's liquid eyeliner

How I use it: A quick thin stripe on my eyelid, every morning.

Why I use it: It's been a part of my beauty routine for years now & it's easy to use. I also like to keep one in my purse in case of emergencies ;).

What it is: Origins' Mega-Bright moisturizer 

How I use it: Post shower & pre makeup.

Why I use it: It's very thin, but very effective. It has a great texture and feels super smooth on the face and is my favorite moisturizer so far (I've been through a lot).

What it is: Garner Fructis Sleek & Shine 5-in-1 Serum Spray 

How I use it: Spray a bit on a tissue and then use to smooth flyaway or to add some shine. 

Why I use it: It's a lifesaver if my hair is looking so-so. Especially effective if I'm wearing a slicked back look (high pony/bun). 

What are your beauty essentials?
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The editing process (behind the gram)

This is a question I get quite frequently and I decided to address it in a post where I show you guys my exact editing process. I never expected for my instagram to become my most popular social media outpost, but it has also become one my favorites! When it comes to editing, I shuffle between 3 apps: VSCO cam, Snapped, and Photoshop express. VSCO is used on almost every picture and it is where I can apply filters and small adjustments. If needed, I upload to Snapped to touch up a few elements like make a corner brighter or add contrast to the subject. Finally, I use Photoshop Express for final adjustments such as noise reduction or adding a bit of clarity.  
After I'm done with the apps, I'll upload to Instagram and do final touches. I usually reduce saturation and darken shadows a bit in the Instagram app. Also, since I'm a bit of a control freak, I will upload it to instagram w/o a caption or sharing it to social media for about 10 seconds to make sure it matches my feed and looks the way I want it. If not, it's back to the 3 apps for a re-do. I know this process might sound like I'm taking this too seriously, but it does pay off and I love the photos I post! So, scroll down below to see the actual magic that goes on when I edit a photo ( I screenshotted everything for you ;)) 

Now this doesn't apply to every single photo, but you get the process. Any questions? 
Also, on a more serious note, I am so thankful today to be off from school. Especially because it is in the honor of MLK. Without him, my life could literally be a completely different story. I hope everyone takes a little time out of their day to reflect on that for a bit. 
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Checking in

Hello there. 

I thought it was time I check in with you guys as the first month of 2015 is already flying by. I don't tend to write many personal posts on this blog, but with a little encouragement from my DWC girls, I decided it's time to check in with you guys. I recently started school and settled back into the uncomfortable routine of waking up at 7:00 am every morning only to barely keep myself up on the way to school. Maybe my 11:30 netflix binges (I watched all available episodes of Vampire Diaries and Reign in an embarrassing amount of time) need to stop. Anyways, my school has this amazing period at the beginning of the year where we take a break from regular academic courses and take different and more interesting ones. This year I'm taking a class on studio photography, travel, and Academy award winning actor Sidney Poitier. This break is extremely crucial for me staying sane in January because first semester was truly rough. 

Beyond the break, I have bigger things on my horizon...the SAT. So on January 24th when you are probably sleeping, I'll be thinking to myself why the author of passage 1 would disagree with the statements made in passage 2. On a brighter note, I have my annual dance that day, "cotillion", which will be a nice end to a stressful day. Preparations for that are under way and I keep going back and forth on my hair/makeup/dress/shoes (I'm a mess), so let's hope I can pull something together for the day of. 

Currently on the horizon is a trip to the N.E. for spring break* (college touring of course) and the start of real school at the end of this month...shit.

Hasta Luego Amigos.

*let's pray I can squeeze in a quick NYC trip in there ;) 
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Photo diary: Poolside in Santa Barbara

touches of coral and green 
the perfect rainbow that appeared on my chair  |  the sky after the sunset is my favorite part
snapped this while approaching the entry to the pool  |  poolside essentials  
take me back please

heading up to the patio 
the extremely instagram-able plant, monstera  |  the same shot from above, just a few steps back 
this sunset was so quick that I rushed to get a photo of the sun going down! | ducks in a row 
the ladies lounge | imprints in the sand 


Happy Monday guys. As much as I would have loved to post an outfit post today....my cheeks have not fully recovered from my wisdom teeth surgery, so I'm going to spare myself embarrassing chipmunk photos. 
Anyways, during my stay at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, (highly recommend!), my favorite part had to be the pool. With touches of coral and green and a gorgeous pool overlooking the ocean, I was in heaven. The best part were the black and white photographs of the pool from decades ago (the hotel was built in 1927). I came here twice-- once to watch the sunset and another time to lay out by the pool for a bit. I was snapping away constantly and loved the aesthetics at the place. Everything was not overdecorated; there was just enough white to balance out all of the coral accents. It was the perfect escape and a wonderful place to ring in the new year. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I loved taking them (I got really excited editing them on my vsco app too ;)). Post your thoughts below! 

P.S. My thoughts on the Golden Globes red carpet? Emma Stone and Jenna Dewan-Tatum killed it. That is all.
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Happy Weekend + Links

I know it's been a while since I've done one of these. The holiday season gets everyone's schedules messed up. Everyone give themselves a pat on the back, we survived the first week back from break. Luckily, the week went by quickly. As much as I'd rather be back in California, I must go back to reality. Chances are if you're reading this today I am either unconscious or sleeping. Don't worry....it's just my wisdom teeth. I'll be spending this weekend recouperating. I'm sorry in advance if I can't respond to twitter/insta/blog/tumblr comments quickly this weekend. 
-Check out my girl Sloane's recap on a weekend in Vermont. As pretty as the pictures look, I don't think I can deal with the freezing temps. 
- Lilly Pulitzer announced it's collaboration with Target. I'm just going to say that I neither hate nor love this collaboration. It's a little crazy how much of a response it created
- Two of my FAVORITE companies, VSCO and Artifact Uprising, are joining together and I could not be happier. 
- Finally ended my search for the perfect pair of black distressed jeans. They fit like a glove. 
- Let's all give a round of applause to Céline's advertising department.
- Get 40% off J.Crew with code SALENEWS until 1/12.  
- My go-to lounge shirt
- Forget the wedding pinterest board. Liz Adams' wedding is all the inspiration you need. 
- "Money may not buy happiness, but it sure can buy a massive home in New York City." Well looks like it's time to start saving pennies for this 7.4 million dollar home. 
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