the 3 minute beauty routine

Since I've gotten a lot of requests and questions regarding my daily beauty routine I thought it apt to share it with you today. As a sleep-deprived second semester high school junior, speed is everything in the mornings. I pick out my outfits the night before so my morning routine is about 10-15 minutes, including makeup. I don't wear heavy makeup on a daily basis nor do I go au natural; I've settled on (about) a three minute routine in the morning. It make seem like a lot, but when it's habit it's so quick in the mornings. I've outlined each step + product for everyone who might need some help with a short routine/new products, so enjoy!


Step 1: Apply a small amount of Glossier priming moisturizer
I used to skip this step but ever since I discovered Gossier, this has been my go-to. It's a light-as-air and goes on smoothly and makes you feel a bit more refreshed in the morning. I also use this in my night routine to finish things off. 

I received a sample of this in my Birchbox about a year ago and I've used it almost every day since. I don't like to wear a ton of foundation for everyday occasions, so this primer is perfect. This is a product for all skin colors and it blends well! 

This is also the perfect product for the woman who says away from heavy face makeup. It's very light and I apply it all over after the primer. Plus, the color I use --natural beige-- is perfect because most other foundations matched for my skin tone are quite orange-y. Even though it may look lighter than my skin tone, it blends surprisingly well. This is my favorite drugstore buy and I always keep 2 in my bathroom at all times. 

I bought this palette a long time ago, but it still remains my favorite palette. I tend to only wear browns and muted pinks on my eyelids, so it gives me a great range and I often mix a lot of them together. 

I always do a thin line of liquid eyeliner every day and minimal mascara. Although liquid eyeliner may seem daunting to some, this Stila one is a breeze. I've been using it for many years and I've never had a dreaded liquid eyeliner fiasco. Plus, this Bobbi Brown mascara is a recent addition and I'm planning on buying at least 20 more tubes because it's the best one I've found.

Step 6: Bobbi Brown blush (Tawny)
I don't wear blush everyday, but when I do it's Bobbi Brown. Although I usually shy away from vivid pinks, I purchased this one after getting my makeup done for an event and realizing that I can wear pink blush without looking like a clown. To get a subtle look, I first use my brush and then shake some off before applying to get a subtle pink--less is better here!

I've raved about this one before, but I think it deserves more. I always use this after applying all my makeup to set everything in and for a little more moisture. 

And we've reached the last step. I do a spray for my wrists and then I spray twice and walk through, that easy. 


Instagram tips for a better feed | guest post

As promised, here is Daisy's post on her 6 best Instagram tips! If you missed her interview, read it here! Follow Daisy on Instagram here!

Find the best natural light. Photography is defined as the recording of light, so finding and taking advantage of various lighting situations can really make or break your photos. 

 Going along with tip #1, seek out shadows as well! I was initially upset about the shadow on the Made in LA wall below, but once I saw the photo, I realized how much intrigue the shadow actually added. 

Look up & look down! This one may be obvious, but it's crucial to try taking photos with different angles to give you a unique perspective on your subject. 

Don't be afraid to take some self-portraits, not just selfies. I use a mini tripod and remote control to do so. Below are two shots that I took of myself!

For cohesiveness in my Instagram feed, I like to keep a color palette in the back of my mind, so when I'm out taking photos, I'm easily drawn to certain colors that work well together. 

 Find other photographers and Instagrammers to follow and be inspired by. Seeing other people out there using their unique artistic perspectives will no doubt help you realize some of you visions as well. 


{a chat with}: Daisy Chaussée

Today I'm interviewing one of my recent Instagram favorites -- Daisy Chaussée.

 I was doing some through instal-searching and came across her lovely account. I don't know about you, but her pictures seem to just scream happiness for me and are so lovely and brightly colored--I can't get enough of them! I hope you enjoy this *virtual* meet-n-greet with Daisy and if you're already obsessed with her like myself you've got more coming. Tomorrow Daisy will be guest posting on Stripes & Peonies to share her best Instagram tips! 

What three words best describe yourself?
Creative, curious, determined

How did you get started with Instagram?

I joined Instagram as a junior in high school just for fun. My account was initially private & I was simply sharing photos with my closest friends. It wasn’t until I came to New York to attend college that I began to take Instagram & photography seriously. 

Where do you find inspiration for your images?

I find inspiration by playing with color & light. I’m captivated by bright, joyful colors and soft, natural light. If I’m feeling uninspired, taking a walk around my neighborhood or in nature helps. And of course, other Instagrammers inspire me as well.

My top 5 Instagram accounts are...
(editors note: I completely agree with all of these choices ;))

Do you use any editing apps? If so, which ones?
I mostly use VSCOcam & occasionally Snapseed.

The top 5 songs on my iPod now are....
When I’m With You by Best Coast // Cheerleader by Omi // Biscuits by Kacey Musgraves // Beginning to Feel the Years by Brandi Carlile // Want to Want Me by Jason Derulo

Do you usually shoot with a camera or use your phone for Instagram? 
My phone

Besides Instagram, what is your favorite social media platform?
Honestly, I really love Instagram. I don’t think any other social media platform even comes close to it. I don’t even have a tumblr or a twitter.

Are you one of those who obsesses over the cohesiveness of your feed or do you just post as you create images?

It varies. Occasionally I get caught up in how my feed looks and whether it’s cohesive. To me, it is important to curate a gallery that is aesthetically pleasing—it’s like a personal exhibition. But other times I’m lazy & just post whatever & whenever I want because sometimes that’s more fun!

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see her Instagram tips!


laser cut

For many, the spring is laden with parties, brunches, dinners, etc., so it's important to keep a go-to outfit on hand. With oppressive heat and extreme humidity, it's best to keep my outfits light and airy for the spring. I stumbled upon this Zara skirt a while back and saw it as the perfect spring/summer piece. It's not full, but not quite tight so it's perfect for those events where the dress code is somewhat in-between church & a party. Paired with a simple silk tank, it's an instant low-key summer outfit. Also, after nearly tearing apart my J.Crew sandals from last summer (sadly they don't sell them anymore), I decided to invest in a pair of sandals for this season...enter Ancient Greek. I've heard a lot of great things about them in the past but strayed away due to the price tag, but now after wearing them a few times the quality will surely be worth it. 

What's your go-to spring/summer outfit?


digital #ootds

Zara Coat // Club Monaco hat (similar)

Club Monaco tank ( currently an extra 30% off with code SALE30) // J.Brand jeans // Sole Society shoes // J.Crew sweater

                                          J.Crew scarf (similar), sweater, and necklace // Bing Bang ring

                            Club Monaco tank // J.Brand jeans // Sam Edelman sandals 

After what seemed like a weekend with a non-stop hurricane storm (except for strangely blue skies Sunday morning) and a power outage, I thought I'd share some links to the outfits I've been wearing recently. After spending too much time on my new phone (finally!) I came across some of these photos and couldn't help but share them again. I know I usually show which store each item is from in my instagram, but I know these links are much more helpful. Come back later this week to see my spring must haves!



-Remember Rue from The Hunger Games? Turns out she's more than a talented actress--she's a young woman who is educating the public on cultural appropriation. See her explain in in a video she made here for school (my school projects are not as amazing as this).

- Wonderful Forbes review of the new fashion-documentary, Dior and I. Can't wait to see it!

- I can't get enough of my glossier products...i.e. I am ordering from them multiple times per month. You seriously can't go wrong with any product, so browse them all here!

- If anyone's in need of a black tie/prom dress, this Badgley Mischka fuchsia number might be perfect for you. 

- How to look chic on the beach: a lesson by Sloane. I've been loving my girl Sloane's recent beach posts -- so much envy!

- Currently craving: this J.Crew gold cuff 

- Attn: lovers of a good sale.... Loeffler Randall is currently having their family & friends sale, offering 20% off of everything with code HEYFRIEND. This is the perfect time to scoop up some sandals that will become your go-to for spring & summer!
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