S & P loves: 6/30

As I've had a little too much free time on my hand lately, I've been scrolling (shopping) countless websites frequently. I've rounded up some of my favorites from the world wide web today. Although I may not need all of these items....it doesn't hurt to want them. I already have a polaroid camera that I always use, but this unique version is such a cute alternative. Since I'm now into midi dresses, I want to pull the trigger on this Madewell option and add it to my ever-growing collection. I hope you can find an item on this list you love too! 


LA wrap up

a delicious dinner at Hinoki and the Bird // snapped a picture of the gorgeous arrangement there 
A little pop of color while exploring some streets in Los Angeles //
A lovely lunch at Petit Trois // branding on point 

a morning breakfast at Republique  //
cacti in Venice // The pool at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills

While it has been a while since I've returned from the west coast....it has taken me some time to sift through the thousands of photos I took. Overall, I had a great time in California and I hope to return soon. I found so many great gems in the city in such a short amount of time! Perhaps my favorite restaurant was Hinoki and the Bird .  I read about it on Amy's blog and had't planned to go there this trip until Tropical Storm Bill extended my trip (thank you cancelled flight) I had no trouble getting a reservation and it was the perfect way to cap off my time in Los Angeles. I also wanted to talk a little about my accommodations during my time. Because this trip to LA was planned on such short notice, almost all of the hotels were booked or had outrageous prices. After sifting through many different boutique hotels, I found the Avalon. At first I was not so sure on how I would like it...but I was pleasantly surprised. It's very small but is quite charming. All of the staff were extremely kind and helpful and they also were a great help when we needed to stay an extra night. The rooms were excellently decorated (it's designed by the wonderful Kelly Wearstler) and the cool blue color palette made me feel I was at the beach. If you are ever in LA and want to stay in Beverly Hills, I highly recommend the Avalon! If you have any more questions or need any recommendations feel free to email me and I'd be happy to help you!

P.S. Today is my birthday and it's my last one before I'm *technically* an adult! 


Morning at the getty

outfit details: chino shorts // leather tote // strappy sandals // choker (similar)  // white blouse (similar)

This "morning" actually didn't start off smoothly. After a quick run to Comoncy CafĂ© in Beverly Hills, I was notified that my flight was cancelled. While I was in California a little depression turned tropical storm, Bill, was headed towards the Gulf Coast. My family in Houston told me "it's just drizzling" and "nothing is really going on here"....but Southwest airlines decided to take ultimate precaution. I think everyone was overreacting due to the flood, but I didn't really mind the flight cancellation. What could be worse than having an extra day in Los Angeles? 

After booking a 9 A.M. flight (the next day) and a quick re-group at the hotel, I headed to the Getty Center. I was supposed to visit during my last trip, but the timing didn't work out. Even though I was running an hour and a half behind (I panned to arrive right when the Getty opened to get shots sans people), the other visitors played quite well into my shots. The whole property is breathtaking. I didn't get to explore the whole of it but it seemed like there was another garden or building around every corner. 

I'll let the photos speak for themselves (there are still so many more I have but I couldn't post them all ;)) and if you're in Los Angeles, I highly recommend a visit to the Getty!


Among the bougainvillea

Madewell dress // Ancient Greek Sandals // Toms sunglasses // J.Crew bracelet (similar) //  

 I’m pretty sure I’ve stated on this site that I am not the biggest fan of midi dresses. About a month ago I tried this Madewell frock on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. Quickly, it has become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I wore it multiple times during graduation weekend and again to dinner at Gjelina. I paired it with my go-to sandals —this Ancient Greek Sandals pair and simple bracelets. What I love about this dress is that it can be anywhere on the spectrum from dressy to causal and it’s something light I can always throw on for the summer. I also love the dress in coral too—I’m tempted to buy it in a second color! 

To see more of my California adventures, check my instagram, the California tag on this site, and check back as I will be posting more recaps and travel guides!



After dining at Salt Air earlier this year, I have been itching to return to Venice.

 I made reservations at Gjelina for dinner but arrived a bit earlier to walk around Abbot Kinney. Abbot Kinney is a street lined with cacti and boutiques and if you walk a few blocks behind it the houses are just darling. I stopped into Burro (clothing/paper goods/jewelry/etc.) to pick up some Father’s Day cards and then later into Urbanic (I could have lived in that store) for some more paper goods. After an hour of strolling around Venice during golden hour, I dined at Gjelina. I had heard (seen Instagrams) a lot about Gjelina and couldn’t wait to try it. The restaurant had brick floors with a beautiful large window to let the sunlight in along with a cute little patio. I ordered the lamb sausage pizza, yellowtail sashimi, and grilled octopus (yum). Per usual, I timed out my visit so I would arrive just before golden hour so I spent some time snapping outfit & instagram pictures before the sun went down. Check back on the blog tomorrow to get more details on what I wore!


Summer Parties

2. Banner
4. White peonies

Since my birthday is around the corner and Paperless Post asked me to put together a mood board for a party, a summer birthday party was a no brainer! I'm usually not one for elaborate birthday parties since 1. I don't plan ahead well and 2. my birthday comes at that sweet spot in the summer where almost everyone is in the middle of summer vacations or camp. Since I'm a June baby, I'm opting for a party with lots of color in the accent pieces. For my ideal party it would be a brunch/lunch in a white space with lots of natural light. To balance out the color I'd decorate with hundreds of  many white peonies, With that type of setting I can bring life to it with color such as this gorgeous banner from Paper Source or a cute topiary. Continuing with my ideal party scenario I'd set the scene with the Industry Standard Summer Mix and put my polaroid camera out for guests to capture candids. I haven't thrown a party like this for years but maybe soon I'll refer back to this post to create it in real life!

What would your ideal party be like?

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