Happy Weekend + links

-What does your coffee order say about you? Are you the New Yorker or the Bodega junkie?

-Get ready for the collaboration of you dreams. Blogger Mackenzie Horan & bestie Amy Stone have teamed up for a pop-up shop in Design Darling. I've already purchased the peony print (of course), but scroll through below to find your favorite out of these 8 exclusive prints. Shop fast since these might sell out soon!

-To my How To Get Away With Murder Fans: WOW

-What you missed on the blog this week: a look behind the scenes of my instagrama fall outfita chat with the guy behind @properkidprobs and J.Bradley, and a gift guide to help you get a jump start on holiday shopping.

- In a scramble to find holiday cards? Artifact Uprising has what you're looking far. 
- I made this recipe last week and was truly blown away. It's relatively simple and quick (after you've baked the squash) and it's healthy. You end up eating a bowl full of vegetables and you're completely full!

-Do you guys have any specific holiday content you'd like to see. I'm in the midst of planning, so I would love to know if you'd like to see outfit inspiration, recipes, decor planning, etc. Leave me a comment below or tweet me!

- There are no words (just angelic voices in my head) when it comes to Jenna Lyon's ensemble at Solange Knowles wedding in NOLA. Come to think of it, that's what I thought of the whole wedding. 
Have a great weekend!
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Photo vs. Reality II

Remember this post? Well here's the second installment I promised you. Today, I am here to tell you that what happens on Instagram is not always what happens in real life.

 Just a quick snap of this door I found while strolling around. 

Looking back, I probably put too much time into this photo. First I spent about 30 minuted looking for a door with the perfect knocker only to find that 99% of the good ones were covered with screen doors. I found this one about .001 seconds before the sun set and I was afraid there would not be enough light. In all honesty, it took me 3 days to post this photo because I couldn't get the editing right. I went from photoshop to vsco to snapseed and back around again. I probably sent this photo to my #dwc gals asking "how does this one look?" "Ready to instagram?". 

A quick snap from my NYC trip, oh how lovely. 

So, this one never made it to Instagram, but it almost did. I snapped this photo while simultaneously exiting a taxi at Blue Stone Lane Café. I woke up early so I could get there close to opening time and get a good table, but entered only to see the place bustling and the only table left was a slender two top in the dimly lit back. Sure, the food and coffee was awesome, but I would be lying if I said I didn't want a table with natural light so I could Instagram #sorrynotsorry. On the bright side, I scarfed down my avocado toast instead of perfecting my utensils and plate for 5 minutes pre-gram.

 Just got back from the beach, look what I found!

 Wampum is so tedious to find sometimes on the beach because it's never washed up on shore and it's always buried under sand. I accumulated this mini-collection over a couple days and wanted to 'gram it. I had a few ideas, but I settled on my beach blanket (which was stained with butter from my lobster dinner the night before [not pictured]) and spent a good 5 minutes getting the placement right. 

Showing off my new clutch in NYC!

Trying to avoid eye contact with the young couple walking towards me, as they seem to be wondering what the hell I must be doing. 

About to light my Diptyque candle! Ah, look some matches from the uber cute NYC eatery Lafayette to light my candle with, how swell. 
I really wanted the new VSCO update, but you had to have IOS 8, which I didn't have. That turned into a multiple hour epic battle with my computer because apparently the task of updating my phone was too much to handle. At first my phone had to be restored to factory settings, then iTunes said that wasn't possible (eye roll) and then I took a risk and updated iTunes and googled and bit and fixed my problem. That was a bit of an ordeal for a photo, but hey, I think it's nice ;) 
Do you want a part III? 

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Madewell blouse // Ralph Lauren scarf // Club Monaco pants(similar) // C. Wonder booties (similar) // Madewell choker (similar) // TOMS sunglasses // 

With all of the 50 states literally in freezing temps, I've been draping blanket scarves around my shoulder almost every day. This RL one has the softest texture and is also thick enough to warm you up a bit. When paired with my checkered popover blouse, the prints compliment each other, but do not clash with each other. Do you mix and match prints?

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{A chat with}: Dean & J.Bradley of PKP and J. Riley

Ever heard of Proper Kid Problems or J.Riley? Today I'm interviewing the gentlemen behind them. The once anonymous twitter handle (@properkidprobs) has transformed into a complete blog, featuring Dean's style. If you're just now finding out about it, check out this post so you can understand just how much he understands men's fashion and style. J.Riley, the name of the clothing and accessories e-store by J.Bradley is complete with t-shirts, nautical belts, and stylish ties. They used to be separate, but recently combined to be one business. Check out my interview below to get to know them a little bit better and check out the site here!


What three words best describe your style?
JB:  Simple. Timeless. Traditional.
D: Classic.  Clean.  Colorful.   

I tend to shop at…
D:  Brooks Brothers is definitely my all time favorite store, but I’ve been branching out as of recent incorporating pieces from brands like Everlane, Steven Alan, and even ASOS.

Essentially, what is PKP & J.Riely and how did each of you get your start? 
JB: J.Riley was founded in February of 2013. Prior to that, I was completely enthralled with the intersection between fashion and business. Starting J.Riley was my way of entering that world I had come to love in hopes of making my own mark on it. On the J.Riley side of the partnership, my focus is on designing and producing new product as well as overseeing the direction of the brand. In addition to that, Dean and I work together to formulate marketing campaigns in an effort to drive sales.

D: I started PKP back in the summer of 2012 to occupy my time before leaving for college.  The whole brand quite literally started on my front lawn where I would tweet whatever came to mind.  If someone had told me that summer that PKP would turn into what it is today, I would have probably laughed in their face.

My daily work schedule looks like:
 6-7:00am: Rowing
   8:00am-3:15pm: School (J.Riley tends to find it’s way on my screen during classes…)
   4-7:00pm: Rowing
7:30pm-on: Schoolwork + J.Riley

D:  My daily schedule varies.  I actually only go to class two days a week (Tuesday & Thursday) from eight in the morning to around four in the evening.  It’s a grueling schedule, but it has really helped me organize school, “work,” and life into something that’s manageable.  When I’m not in class, I usually will spend my time in my room working or going out to some location in DC and shooting pictures for the blog.

My favorite social media platform is ____ because.....
JB:   My favorite social media platform is definitely Instagram because it allows users to show their lives & what’s important to them in the most comprehensive, simplistic ways. It seems as though many other social media platforms are cluttered and overcomplicated.

D:    I would have to say Twitter because that’s where PKP started and because I find it fascinating to see and interact with people who tune in to me. I’ve actually met some of my now best-friends through the platform as crazy as that sounds.

Why did you guys ultimately decide to partner up in February of this year?
JB:   Dean and I ultimately decided to partner up because it enabled us to focus on each of the elements in running a company that we truly enjoyed spending our time doing. On top of that, our general senses of ambition aligned well, setting us up for what we hope to be long-term success.

D:   I think the core reason for our partnership is that we both saw an opportunity to create something different.  While our passions, interests, and personalities are nearly identical, our strengths are quite different.  For us, our partnerships allows us to maximize those strengths as we work towards a common goal

My one fashion pet peeve is:
JB:  My biggest fashion pet peeve is when people wear shorts with boots…

D:  People who wear sunglasses indoors…

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